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About Us

Passion. It’s why we get up every morning, and what we put into every move we make.

Whether we’re designing distinctive branding systems, print and collateral campaigns, shooting memorable television spots,

or simply creating compelling communications that move your brand forward. It’s the elixir that keeps our brains fired up,
our ideas ahead of the curve, and our clients very happy. 

Stack Creative is a multi-disciplinary, graphic design and full-service advertising/marketing agency capable of servicing
all of your requests short of leaping tall buildings in a single bound. We are a team of creatives and strategists led by a creative.

Which means nothing stands between your goals and our ideas. We listen. We collaborate. We create.

We put our best minds on the job. And together we develop intelligent communication solutions

that excite, inspire but most of all, get results.


Some of Our Work

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We work with clients large and small at local, regional, and national levels. We’ve handled all kinds of products, companies, and industries. We’ve targeted all kinds of audiences using all kinds of media. In fact, just about the only constant among our clients is a common desire for great work.

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On any given day we are designers, writers, strategists, marketers, consultants, and confidants.

But above all, we are creative problem solvers. Whether we’re creating a support brochure, an ad campaign, or TV spot/Commercial,

we take complex ideas and distill them into crisp, clear communications that are quickly and easily understood.

Corporate Identity & Branding

Strategy Development

Graphic Design & Motion Graphic Design


Multi-channel & Digital Advertising Campaigns

Promotional Videos & TV Commercials

Web Design/Development

Social Media Awareness, Promotion & Engagement

Tradeshow Booth, Signage, Video & Promotion

Direct Mail

Environmental Graphics/Signage


This is not just our business, it’s our passion.

That makes a difference.

The Stack Design team is comprised of talented designers, writers, strategists and web and social media savvy types. It is a group that represents extensive experience in business-to-business and consumer marketing. Name just about any business issue or product category and chances are

we have someone who has worked on it at some point.

But there’s more to our team than experience. This is a group of people who still get excited about the work and the creative process.

Our goal is to make the work the best it can be. Every project. Every day. It’s something our clients recognize and value.

And it keeps them coming back.

Debra Stack

Debra is a nationally recognized Graphic Designer and Creative Director

with more than 25 years experience and an award-winning portfolio of business-to-business and consumer

work—from TV and outdoor advertising campaigns to corporate branding and product identity programs,
marketing materials and package design.

A proud graduate of Moore College of Art and Design, Debra has spent her entire career developing and refining her talents.

As a Senior Art Director and Senior Graphic Designer at Tierney Communications, Philadelphia’s largest fully integrated

communications agency, Debra designed and directed projects for some of America’s most recognized brands,

including McDonald’s, Sunoco, and Verizon. 

Never one to be satisfied with the status quo, Debra launched Stack Creative in 2001.

The concept started with a desire to streamline and simplify the traditional agency design.

The result is a network of talented designers, writers, strategists and social media professionals that offers clients direct access
to extensive business-to-business and consumer marketing expertise. Under Debra’s leadership, Stack Creative has developed

an impressive and growing client roster and firmly established itself among Philadelphia’s top design and advertising shops.

Always Open

If you have a project or a RFP you’d like to talk to us about or if you would like to review our full portfolio in person,

contact us to schedule an appointment.

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1528 Walnut Street, Suite 1608

Philadelphia, PA 19102


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